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Alexander Chalinco Rosa
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This website is the collaborated work of south African Mediums, tarot card readers, Angel card readers & Clairvoyants who want to bring an affordable platform to the people of not only South Africa but internationally as well, with clients as far as America, the UK, Ireland, Australia and Asia.

Readings can be done in English or Afrikaans as all our Readers are fully bilingual.

Payment of the reading can be made via PAY FAST* either for credit cards or eft payments.

Be prepared, either when asking an online reading or visiting your reader. Every psychic dislikes it when asked what someone want to know out of a reading and they answer “The future”; as the future is a very broad subject. You will probably not hear about the thing that bothers you right now, as it may not even have an effect on your future. So prepare your questions and be specific. You need not give too much information; remember just saying “LOVE” is not a question.

When reading a typed reading remember to be open minded everything may not make sense at first, so be patient. If you are emotional when asking for a reading calm yourself before reading and re-read your psychic reading a few times before letting your mind wander.

A reader interprets the things he/she sees in the cards/ or through clairvoyant visions, but due the fact that he/she does not know you they may ask you to verify thing they may not understand and you may. It is important for any reader to get feedback after a reading.

Do not say too much, and do not interrupt you reader when visiting them at home, allow them to go through the process. You will be allowed the time to ask questions.

God gave everyone free will, a reader cannot make choices for you, he/she can only give guidance. Accidents or incidents that may be seen in a reading do not need to happen.

You may not always hear what you want to hear - what you need to hear is the mind frame you need to keep. Do not overwhelm yourself if negative things come up in the reading do not allow them to rule you;  rather take the guidance and change them.

A good reader always gives some healing through words.

Reading in no way is a quick fix; it is guidance in love, finances, etc.

If you are not serious about your reading do not expect a serious reading. You need to keep an open mind, your energy will be blocking your reader if you are overly sceptical, we encourage sceptics, but you cannot be blocked, your reader will be able to read you but it take a lot more effort.

With regard to Soul mates - not everyone has a permanent soul mate in their lives. When asking about this, depending on your life path, you might get more or less information than expected.

Forget curses, there are a lot of con -artists out there, deceiving people, and robbing them.

Remember to read the disclaimer before taking a reading.

Love, Light and Happiness…


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Alexander Chalinco Angel Counsellor Rosa

*All online purchases are handled through PAYFAST, SA's premier secure online payment processor. 
PAYFAST allows you to make instant and secure payments via BANK TRANSFER and CREDIT CARD. They also processes UKASH or MiMoney and a variety of online vouchers. Click on the 'buy now' button and you will be transferred through to payfast's secure online portal. From here you will need to simply register your name and email address, after which you will be guided through the payment process. It's that simple!! 

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Alexander Chalinco Angel Counsellor Rosa